Experiment Nation Merchandise

Experimenters unite (through swag)!

Rommil Santiago
Jan 12 · Unlisted

What better way to show your support of Experiment Nation than by draping yourself with Experiment Nation merchandise, am I right?!

Finally, you can buy countless shirts with yet another brand on them!

We’ve got t-shirts, stickers, mugs, cups, clocks, oh my!

Look how happy she is — You could be that happy too with a brand new Experiment Nation t-shirt!
What a lovely timepiece.

Still not convinced? Every purchase contributes towards funding Experimentation events in Toronto!

Enough chit chat.

Go visit our store at http://merch.experimentnation.com/

Experiment Nation

Conversations with people from around the world about…


Rommil Santiago

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Developing experimentation strategies to drive growth, optimize performance, & generate learnings for over 15 years. Currently practicing at Loblaw Digital.

Experiment Nation

Conversations with people from around the world about Experimentation and Personalization.

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