Presenting: E X T R A T E R R I T O R I A L S, An Interview Project.

Introducing the movers and shapers of the transformation space.


This project was born of a vision for COMMUNITY.
nurtured by a deep CURIOSITY,
a hunger to CONNECT,
an urge to INSPIRE
and UPLIFT the world,
With the knowing that
each one of us is powerful beyond measure.


TOGETHER we can do so much more…
than each one of us, alone.

Welcome to E X T R A T E R R I T O R I A L S .


I set out on an URBAN ADVENTURE
to connect, collaborate, and find inspiration from the fantastic world
of personal transformation that we have in LA,
and the world.


This city is full of the most creative, radical, and inspiring coaches, facilitators, healers, witches, yogis, and therapists in the world.
So many of us are doing incredible work, in and out of LA.
Changing lives
through the body, the breath, the screaming, the laughter…
Yet, we often work solo.
I felt an undeniable desire to connect, collaborate, and support
individuals on this journey,
with a vision for the greatest upliftment of all.

Image by Geneva Cegelis

[ BUT WHY. ]

Since I opened Experiment on Purpose,
I have been living and working from the mountains,
seemingly far from Planet Earth..
albeit interacting with the world,
through clients and workshops.

In some ways
this project represents [for me]
a landing on Earth.
A beautiful opportunity to ground,
to rejoice in the humanness of us all,
with the eternal remembering that we are souls having a human experience,
and not the other way around.

The point of this all,
is to return us to the knowing that we are all one.

Image by Geneva Cegelis


The transformation world is booming, twisting, and growing 
every minute of every day.

This project is born of a deep curiosity
and a geeky desire to know,
to experience the human transformation realm of possibility
through infinite angles,
and modalities.

From a desire to find the most unexpected,
innovative and intriguing,
modes of human transformation…
We will be investigating radical modalities,
innovative tools, and creative practitioners in the transformation space.

We will look at the ways we can use:
and comedy
to release fears,
to unblock ourselves,
to find our SELVES.

This project is an exploration
into a magical world.

The intention is to gather, empower, and inspire
collaboration amongst the most creative and radical
leaders that the city has to offer,
young and old.

These are Stories of courageous individuals who left the comfortable
in pursuit of the uncomfortable
in the uncertain
the divine

Creative healers, dancers, actors, therapists, coaches and yogis,who have invented a living,
from the inside out.

They have abandoned
the 9–5 Grid
of Day to Day Life,
to pursue their passions.
They have left the cubicle,
the office space,
their jobs,
and sometimes the city…
in pursuit of magic.

They put their mind to the side…
and followed their body,
the pulse of their heart,
their inner-most

They are creative entrepreneurs
transforming the
transformation + wellness space,
in radical ways…
to pursue a work of Love.


This project was born of the belief that transformation done ‘together is better.’

This is an invitation to form Community,
to spark Creativity,
and Inspire Collaboration.

“Only work which is the product of inner compulsion can have spiritual meaning.”
[ Walter Gropius ]