Go Ahead

At home on a cushion I rested. I smoked.

In the doorway Mrs. Nodman leaned. Mrs. Nodman was from the little house next door.

I had invited Mrs. Nodman. I had invited her for tea, but crackers, cookies and bacon I made ready also.

Mrs. Nodman’s apparel was scanty. But it was warm in the house. I looked her over. And she looked me over. I called her Irene. I said “Irene” and she said “yes?” This took up some time.

I closed the door. At first it got quieter, later louder, due to speaking. She spoke first, I listened. But I also interrupted. But only after some time, too long perhaps, at least long enough that I had ceased to listen to what she had to say. She had begun speaking of her son, her dog, her trousers, her dress, and her food. I must of said “enough” for quickly she closed her mouth, her legs, and laid back.

“Go ahead,” she continued. “You had something to say?”

Her thin dress rode up her thighs, but she seemed not to notice. I tried to identify her smell, but either she was odorless or too far from me, for my sense of smell was strong, and I could smell the dog. The dog jumped on her lap.

She seemed to get very, all of a sudden, tired. She slept. She snored. But only lightly, I mean the snoring.

I sat beside her, I mean on the ground, so that my face was level with her own. I tried to find her flaw, but couldn’t find it. It was then slowly, very slowly, her eyes opened, and I focused on their color, I mean their colors, for eyes have colors, many colors, such as scarlet, blue, and egg white.

She closed her eyes again and I went back to the kitchen, for I had become very hungry. I had made enough bacon, but I didn’t eat it all. I had shared some with the woman, but much was left. I ate the rest. Fortunately, bacon sits well, tastes good cold, or even warm. The house had become dark but I refrained from reviving the light, for why should I do so? What had I to do that light was needed so late at night? For after all I did little but sit and think and eat the bacon. But soon enough I returned to the sleeping woman.

She had curled up some, and a hand was tucked between her legs, likely to keep it warm. I covered her with a blanket.

The bacon had done me good and I brushed and flossed my teeth. That was to prepare me for bed, and I slept quickly.