Dan Alone

What happens when Dan is alone? What does he do, what does he say, how does he look?

Dan says that when alone he looks long at his face in the mirror, he looks long at the palms of his hands, and he reads a book. But he will never finish book, unless the book is very short or if it’s a children’s book.

Dan says when alone he butters a slice of toast. But he does not eat it. Instead he places the toast on his plate above the fried eggs and hashbrowns, but he eats the fried eggs and hashbrowns, eats them quickly, but the coffee he draws out over time and space.

Dan says alone he is very worried and wonders about who will kill him. I laugh and say that no one wants to kill Dan, for why should anyone want to kill Dan but Dan is adamant. Who then? I say. Maybe Jill, he says.

Jill? I say

Alone, Dan says, he watches the squirrels, the crows, the songbirds.

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