Designing a Perfect Work Day

Problems are often best solved when they are reversed

We’ve been talking about our work principles in Bromford Lab.

I don’t mean our contracts of employment.

Contracts have no connection with the reality of work.

You might have a 40-hour per week contract and be in the office for 50 hours – whilst only doing 5 hours of anything meaningful.

Equally you might have a 40 hour contract but knock out 10 hours worth of absolute brilliance.

We need to start setting principles that promote outcomes rather than reinforcing cultures of presenteeism.

My worst day would look something like this:

Long meetings
Having a packed calendar with no time to think
Having a full email inbox
Producing work I don’t believe in
Being confined to the office
Being stuck in traffic
Being tired

With that in mind we’ve worked backwards and created these principles. They are work in progress and we are going to review them each month:

Focus on outcomes not hours — When you work or how long you work is irrelevant — what you produce is what matters

Design your own unique day — At least twice a month work somewhere you’ve never been before to find inspiration

Work out loud — Share your work, don’t keep your best ideas to yourself

Kill meetings — Do the meeting maths, add up the £££ before you call people together

Use open tools — Only use tools that encourage collaboration and sharing

Get work out there — Being good enough is fine. Better to move work on than obsess about perfection

Imagining what makes your worst possible day can help you design the perfect one.

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