Working Out Loud, Learning and Sharing in a Digital Age

People often ask me why I value working out loud — which I find puzzling as working any other way implies you have all the answers. There will always be more knowledge and wisdom in the network than behind organisational walls.

Over at Bromford Lab we’ve always tried to work out loud — but we’ve taken two new steps in the past couple of weeks:

The Exploration Pipeline — an open Trello that contains not just the work of innovation, but of other teams too.

Mission Control — a second board that tracks the day to day work of innovation and is used for all team planning and 1:1’s.

Why have we done this?

Showing our work offers increased efficiencies:

  • Reduction in number of meetings
  • Reduction in emails
  • Fewer silos
  • Saved time and energy
  • Reduction of time spent both in searching for information
  • Connecting talent
  • Improvement in creating and storing information

It also increases opportunities for innovation.

Joy’s law is the principle that “no matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else” — and that’s never been truer.

So many of us , right around the world , are working on solving exactly the same problems.

To address complex problems our organisations must be reshaped for a network where information flows openly. The real opportunities lie at the heart of it.