Pool Builders Cost Sacramento — How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost?

Having to search for a custom pool builder in Sacramento is a challenging task all by itself…

Which is only half of your journey.

Then you have to get several pool building quotes and then narrow down your choices.

Cost is going to be a major consideration when it comes to selecting a swimming pool to purchase.

Just how much does a swimming pool cost to purchase and install?

The answer: It really depends on the type of pool you purchase.

Type 1: Above The Ground Pools

The most affordable option is to purchase an above-ground swimming pool. These pools are much less expensive, because there’s no custom building. The swimming pool sets are all pre-built.

Furthermore, you don’t need to excavate the ground. Instead, you just build up the swimming pool. Both of these make the whole thing a lot more cost effective.

Building an above ground pool will generally run you between $5,000 an $9,000, including both installation and the pool itself.

If you want to build a new wood decking around your pool, that’ll usually cost you between $2,500 to $5,000 as well.

Type 2: The Fiberglass Pools

A fiberglass pool is a pre-built pool that’s simply lowered into a hole in the ground. The construction crew comes to your house, digs out the ground then puts the pool in. Because the pool is pre-built, the whole process is much faster and cheaper.

A fiberglass pool will set you back approximately $12,000 to $20,000 for a moderate sized pool. A large sized pool will set you back between $15,000 and $30,000.

This will include the installation and the pool itself, though you may have to purchase other additions like pool lights and pool covers.

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Type 3: Custom Built Concrete Pools

Building a custom pool out of gunite or concrete will enable you to design your pool exactly the way you want it to be built. A construction crew will come in, dig out the hole, then use rebar and wire to create the foundation for the pool. They’ll then use concrete or gunite to create the pool from scratch.

This is both the most time consuming and the most expensive option. You’re generally looking at about $25,000 to start with for a moderate sized pool, not including tiling or automated cleaning functions.

If you’re looking at a larger pool that has automatic cleaning functions, then by the time everything is installed you’ll have easily spent $50,000.

The Range of Costs

As you can tell, the range is vast. You can have the pleasure of owning a pool for as little as $5,000, or you can go all out and buy a custom-built luxury pool for $50,000 or more.

Make sure that you don’t just take a contractor’s numbers at face value. Get quotes from several different contractors to make sure you’re really getting the best deal. Rates between different contractors can vary by as much as 30%!


You just learned about the three basic types of pools and their average cost. Keep in mind that those are just estimates. You also have to factor in the city and state that you live in.

Regardless of which pool type you go with, having one installed has to be done by the best pool contractors in Sacramento, because you want to be certain that you’ll have a great experience during the process and happy with the end results.

If you are tired of going to Google and searching high and low for affordable pool builders in Sacramento that will treat you with the highest level of respect and educate you through the pool building process, then look no further and just give us a call!

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