Architect of the Theater of Dreams — Sir Alex!

Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson, fondly known as Sir Alex Ferguson (SAF) is the most decorated football manager in the history of world football. Known for his stint for over two decades at Manchester United, his watchful Scottish eyes were untiring to see Old Trafford unquestionably become a Theater of Dreamy Silverware. He mastered the art of manager-ship in the one of the elite league of world football. Although his career as a professional forward was too modest, the awe that the Reds created on field always buoyed up the Scots reputation and valor. Having started his Managerial career in the early 30s, the knighted disciplinarian managed Aberdeen FC and the Scottish National side for short yet successful periods.

Managerial Excellency

Sir Alex has the credit of assembling one of the planet's best English sides in the top notch competition especially known for its prowess in the physicality of play. Manchester United also enjoys the status of being the only club to play its manager for the side when the boss he himself made an appearance. The English Premier League (formerly English League First Division) will end up embracing Manchester United as the most successful club in the history of the competition when SAF decided to end the suffering(as he had quoted on his farewell speech).

SAF never had a legendary team during his stint at Old Trafford; there was never a speculation that the team was involved in high spendings, having gone public under the Glazer’s ownership until recently. But they always showed the instinct to win big games with surprising comebacks and took young talents to task even in decisive games. It has always been a super moderated team with disproportionate quantum of temperament that they can always win the game at any point. Some may conclude that this could have been coincidental after all, but witnessing some nerve twisting matches that they have played, they certainly deserve the tag “ComeBackKings!

Sir Alex had managed over a thousand league games for Manchester United and is considered as one of the best the Club ever had, with an incredible winning ratio (65%). The late 90s was considered as the golden period of Manchester United and Sir Alex himself. In the 1998–99 season Manchester United shelved the FA cup, Premiership and the European Cup and took the privilege of being the first English Club to win the ‘Treble’. Ferguson was immediately recognized by the Royal Family and was honored with knighthood by the Queen for his service to footballing fraternity and Manchester United. Thus Manchester United continued their vintage form as they went on to top the Premier League for three consecutive years.

Usual scenes of Sir Alex chewing gums had been a decade long chat for the commentary fraternity as his jaws just didn’t seem to get tired after all those years. A man who thoroughly enjoys the game, was least interested in making notes during the course of the game as statistical reasoning comes second to the game itself. His team talks would generally have brutally honest opinions and his tactical prowess well explained to the players at his disposal.

Grooming Talents

Sir Alex, known for his famous personal scouting, (Fergie’s Fledglings), found a potential world talent in Sporting winger Cristiano Ronaldo who transformed into a valued possession of the footballing world today. Manchester United took the Championship three times once again with Ronaldo taking home the Ballon D’Or crowning himself as the World Player of the Year! Having found a prolific talent in the winger United devastated the premier league once again.

Adding to the managerial dexterity of the Scot was an instinctive ability to groom his players over decades expelling the sinking effect of age. Ryan Giggs, the most decorated player in the history of football is an appropriate example. The Welsh player who was raised from the city rivals youth academy was made a regular in the team within only a year at Old Trafford as a winger. He was lightning with the ball and his control and skill contributed to the majestic run from left back region to score a screamer against Arsenal during the treble. From a fearsome winger who kept showering in crosses he was transformed into a play-maker as days passed by setting up incredible balls for the strikers up front. Giggs is an epitome of loyalty as he serves Manchester United till date as an Assistant Manager, such is his dedication to the club. That would have been something he would have pulled right out of Sir Alex.

“My greatest challenge is not what’s happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch. And you can print that.” — Sir Alex

Sir Alex’s most intimate quality was creating a team with an untamable desire to win with incredible competitive streak within them by fabricating a responsibility that the Club stands before Self! His commitment and fidelity with the club will always bring honors to the trophy cabinet of Old Trafford making it only second to that of the Spanish Giants Real Madrid. The future loomed large with hopes rising on developing players and the world awaited for the day when Sir Alex Ferguson would bid ‘Good Bye’ to Old Trafford! That day Manchester United will run out of options — yes we certainly did, will no longer have Fergie Time — yes, we didn’t and the Scot would be missed forever — yes we miss him.

All my staff stood by me, the players stood by me, you stood by me, and your job now is to stand by our new manager. That’s important. My retirement doesn’t mean the end of my time at the club. I’ll now be able to enjoy watching them, rather than suffering with them. But, if you think about it, the last-minute goals, the comebacks, even the defeats, are all part of this great football club of ours. It’s been an unbelievable experience for all of us, so thank-you for that. I want to say thank-you to Manchester United. Not just the directors, coaching staff, medical staff, the players, the fans, but to all of you — you have been the most fantastic experience of my life. I’ve been very fortunate. I have been able to manage some of the greatest players in the country, let alone Manchester United. All the players here today have represented this club the proper way. They won the championship in a fantastic fashion, so well done to the players. To the players, I wish them every success in the future. You all know how good you are, you know the jersey you are wearing, you know what it means to everyone here and don’t ever let yourselves down. — Sir Alex

Happy Birthday Sir Alex!

True Red — Glory Glory Manchester United!