Things I learnt in 2015

  • Amma (Mom) is gonna support you no matter how badly you fail even if Appa (Dad) doesn’t like it (I know it's a little cliched, but fail you’ll get the emotion behind it). Sorry dad! *
  • What you think will stay with you forever; might be the first to leave don’t be surprised.
  • Its only when you lose something that you really treasured that you get to realize there are lot of things that you missed to treasure all this while. Now that’s like a hard reset. You are allowed to start fresh. Yo!
  • Trekking is an amazing hobby that gives you an entirely different perspective about yourself. There is indeed a secret between the foothills, the summit and the reason why you climb. Its a right there in your head.
  • Friends! — there are some who care for you more than what you really deserve. *
  • Importance of being with the ‘right’ people at the ‘right’ time.
  • Fail badly, fail early. Better in many ways. You get a chance to relive the rest without failing the same way.
  • Reading a book would tell you at least 10 things that will interest you. *
  • Manchester United was horribly addicted to Fergie’s methods.
  • Cricket will be treated like some old school game when Sachin is not around playing the sport. I quit playing the sport eventually (thanks to my laziness coupled with inspirational voiding).
  • Facebook and Twitter can be used smartly as rescue operation assistants given their sprawling connectivity.
  • Photography is much more than just a click of a button.
  • Maggi is an emotion not just edible maida.
  • ‘Machan’ turned to ‘macha’.
  • How awesome PRM’s can be when you have a great manager especially when you are doing it for the first time. *
  • Bangalore is an awesome place to be during the Holiday Season! (ofcourse the roads yes)
  • Travel to at least one place you haven’t been every month otherwise you’ll end up saving our feet but leaving your mind starving.
  • Things could be way beyond your imaginations next time you try to retrospect. Keep calm and learn.

[* I am being brutally honest here .]

Happy Learning!

Wish you a Happy New Year 2016!

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