Instagram Publishing for enterprise is here!

Are you tired of publishing hacks and the lack of content governance on your brand’s Instagram account? The waiting is over: say hello to instant Instagram Publishing! We are one of the first social media software solutions in the world to enable you to publish your content on Instagram easily and instantly, without the need for multiple-page how-to guides.

Up to now, brands have struggled with Instagram publishing via third-party tools, hacks, and weird notification reminders that limit their governance and their ability to directly reach their community at the right time with the right message. All this is finally changing: Instagram has grown up and is now allowing publishers to share meaningful content and act fast. We are excited to announce that we’re releasing Instagram Publishing in Komfo, as one of the first Instagram Partners in the world that take advantage of this opportunity.

“Marketers are already working professionally with Instagram content, but to plan and publish in larger organizations, you need a tailored workflow that includes publishing. This is strategically important for us and our customers, so we’re very proud to launch the first version of this product in less than 24 hours.”
- Jonas Als, Director of Product, Komfo

With Instagram Publishing added to Komfo, we’re taking yet another step in our journey to help brands drive engagement at scale by efficiently publishing, advertising, monitoring, and measuring on Instagram.

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