Say hello to Master Drafts, the newest Komfo feature in Publish

We have recently released Master Drafts. I am personally proud of helping global companies work more efficiently and save time on publishing. Supporting collaboration and approval in state-of-the-art flows and quality for seamless content publishing and distribution has been one of our main goals during the last months and it is finally here.

Imagine this: you are running multiple social media pages simultaneously with the help of different people in your organization, but the time for crafting content and collaboration is limited. Sounds familiar? With the new Master drafts in Komfo, it’s never been easier and faster to collaborate on content creation and distribution across multiple pages.

Some of the great things you can do with Master Drafts:

  • Collaborate on content creation with editors or people located centrally in your organization
  • Easily plan across hundreds of Facebook pages such as local pages, country pages or different shops/restaurants
  • Collaborate with local translators and see how many has finished their translation
  • Simultaneously change images, links, texts or reschedule multiple posts Control ad campaigns on hundreds of pages as easy as ABC
  • Lock or unlock local editing of multiple posts

Spend less time editing, more time getting work done

A Master Draft is as easy as any other draft you have in Komfo. When you create a draft for more than one channel, it automatically becomes a Master Draft. When changes are made to the Master, they will automatically be pushed to all sub-drafts. This means that you will easily be able to change content across multiple pages, whether it is changing the link or the image, adding an advertising label or simply correcting a typo. Only the part that has been changed in the Master will be changed in the sub-draft. For example, if the sub-drafts were translated, those changes would not be overridden by the changes in the Master Draft.

Master drafts for ads governance

Behold the power of ads labels on Master drafts. With a single ad label on the Master, you can activate advertising for all your sub-posts. In practice, this means that you only need to set up decentralized ad campaigns and budgets once to be able to orchestrate central ad campaigns going forward. You can also choose to advertise only on some of your social media pages. In the Master drafts summary, you are be able to see how many of your pages are eligible for advertising.