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5 Expert Tips for Making an Engaging Explainer Video

Illustration by Dmitrij

Animated explainer videos have become particularly popular in recent years. Why? Because they are entertaining, fun, engaging, easy-to-understand, and transfer a brand message in the most effective way. Would you like to learn more about how to create a successful animated explainer video? In this article, our video production team will share with you the five most important things to know when creating an animated explainer video.

Uncover Objections

You should be an expert on your customer pain points and create a video that reveals all of them and provides a solution for them. Approach your explainer video like a sales script — uncover objections. Display problems that can make your target audience go mad in everyday life. Investigate what can be misunderstood about your product.

Try to find out what makes them happy and how your product can help them solve their problems. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you should conduct a customer persona approach immediately. Only with this information, you’ll be able to create an engaging explainer video.

Follow the Funnel

Illustration by Fabin_Raj

Video is one of the most powerful tools to influence customer decision-making. That’s why many brands worldwide use explanatory videos as their secret weapon. They help prospects get a better understanding of the product essence and, at the same time, motivate them to continue a purchasing journey. Animated videos help to bring the user to the next step in a sales funnel.

There are four basic steps in a sales funnel: awareness, consideration, decision, and action. They give us an idea of how the structure of an explainer video should look like. In order not to be obtrusive, it’s recommended to follow these stages in a video step by step.

For example, at the first stage (awareness), you should explain the basic user problem and outline the main customer pain points. At the next step (consideration), you may slightly mention your product or service as the solution to a problem. Let people easily understand the advantages of your offering. The decision-making stage implies that you demonstrate your product in action or, in other words, how people can use it in real life. This part of the explanation should look like a video case study. The last step in your video must include a powerful call to action.

Respect the Funnel

Part of your target audience may already be familiar with your brand and its offering. It also means that they might be at the consideration or even decision-making phase of a customer journey. However, it’s advisable not to miss the first few steps (awareness and consideration) when creating a video because it’s important to provide enough information about your product to those who haven’t yet heard about it.

Most of the high-converting explainer videos are short, around only 1–3 minutes long. This time is optimal for those viewers who already know about a product and should wait several seconds to get to the most relevant information for them. As well, this time is enough to provide all the essential details about a product to those who are new to the topic.

Use a Friendly Tone of The Video

Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov

Try to find the right approach to your target audience. It is not necessary to make your video sound formal, you can explain product details in the same way as you tell an exciting story to your friend. Show your customers that you are a friend to them and that your brand’s main goal is just to help them solve a problem.

The friendly voice of your video will help people feel more comfortable when interacting with your brand via an explainer video. Let them forget that you’re selling anything to them. Your primary mission should not be to sell indeed but to be helpful.

Choose the Right People to Bring Your Idea Into Reality

Choosing the right video production company is one of the most significant factors influencing the advertising outcome and product success. Ensure that the team you choose is going to take your product story throughout nearly the same process we have described above, from initial target audience research and core problem investigation to scriptwriting to video production. Following these stages, you will be able to create a concise and engaging video that is perceived rather as a helpful tip than a promotion.

These are the five main tips to create Explain Ninja team. We hope our experience will be useful to you.

Originally published at https://explain.ninja on May 17, 2020.




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