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5 Reasons to Add an Explainer Video to Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Illustration by Lily
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Video Supports Long Sales Cycles

The most significant difference between B2C and B2B marketing lies in the comparative complexity of B2B sales cycles. On average, it may take around half of the year to convert sales after the initial customer inquiry. You may wonder why a decision-making process is so long for a B2B customer? There are three main reasons:

  1. The purchase can influence other employees in the company, so it’s a particularly important decision.
  2. Usually, there are several stakeholders participating in the process. So, it may take a longer time to agree on a purchasing decision.
  3. It is only one of the B2B customer’s priorities, competing for attention and time with other essential tasks in their to-do lists.

Video Boosts The Overall SEO and Digital Marketing Efforts

Illustration by Lily for Explain Ninja

Personalized Videos Can Target Different Customer Personas

Businesses can invest in producing personalized promotional videos, targeting different customer personas. Creating a niche video may appear to be even more useful for brand promotion than generic content aimed for a wider audience.

The Increasing Power of Video Advertising on LinkedIn

Animation by XiaobeiJiang for Fireart Studio

Video Can Help You Tell an Exciting Story About Every Industry

There are things we use every day without the need to understand all the depth of a process. For example, we make money transactions to different bank accounts without having a clear understanding of a complicated algorithm of operations, which your money is experiencing before it gets to the receiver’s account. The attempts to learn more about this process might be very time-consuming since this information is complex and difficult to understand for non-experts.


An animated explainer video for business is one of the most actionable practices to boost your services in the digital world. It will help your website rank better on Google, attract new customers, and explain your company’s most complicated processes and concepts straightforwardly.



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