What Explara learned from Meetup’s acquisition by WeWork and why community managers/ events organizers should care?

Community driven causes as well as businesses use platforms like Meetup to make meaning out of their passions and reasons to meet people. The potential to drive meaningful social change comes from the decisions taken by like-minded people when it comes to causes. However, on the other hand, community driven businesses around the world are most probably in the barren ground with profit being the least of priority or no priority for the major part of user base of such platforms.

The probable lack of awareness of better technology tools as well as the flabbergasting prices of the age old existing software/ tools are the most important reasons why community building has not yet worked out for businesses to generate meaningful engagement and eventually profits.

What Explara learned in time about Groups/ Communities and membership driven events?

We had learned the potential of successful businesses becoming community driven or vice versa back in 2013 after spending a huge amount of time in trying to help people organize events in a rather productive way through online ticketing experiencing the all time downs of our own business models due to lack of community knowledge & experience in driving everything through groups/ communities around businesses & events.

Since then, Explara’s transition to helping every kind of event organizer, groups/ associations build stronger, REVENUE DRIVEN powerful communities became the new driver of growth for many of our organizers and eventually for us.

Meetup being a WeWork tool now, has its pro for WeWork but not for solo organisers doing many more kind activities beyond business goals & workspaces. That’s where Meetup’s mantra of “any community” might be lost with this acquisition. Good for Community /membership management/engagement tool builders like Explara, Wordpress plugins makers and others.

What Organizers & Community managers should learn from this?

Time counts, but money is the crucial factor to make every business decision. For businesses as well as events that can grow with the power of communities, the misconception we find with building communities online is that many people believe it is expensive before even doing their research. However even if Meetup let’s you use the platform for free, your data is already in multiple hands with this new acquisition. While Explara’s soon to be launched ecosystem is set to give you secured integrations & partnerships across variety of tools & resources.

For businesses that can grow with the power of communities and events, they need a great cause, good content, distribution/ network to attract audience and easy to use smarter tools to manage the growth and engagement.

Hundreds of Thousands of Community Organizers looking to empower businesses is still a problem for the large part that seems to remain unsolved until every process of running a for-profit community is completely data driven. We have that to our product & competitive advantage.

We’re focused on advancing the ways that help events & group/ community organizers around the world deliver exceptionally crafted experiences. And it’s 100% free to create your account today making the group/ community management much smarter & inexpensive at the same time. Market needs focused engagement tools more than highly diversified “social” platforms with a mixed set of users to localize & globalize community building.

Here’s how Explara Stacks Up against Meetup! Do Schedule a Demo with us if you want to grow with the power of Groups/ Communities.