ExplodeCode 0x05

Security, Authorization & Cryptocurrencies

Join us on Feb 26th, 2015 @ 6pm for ExplodeCode 0x05 — Security, Authorization & Cryptocurrencies!

ExplodeCode 0x05 is long overdue! We have 2 great speakers lined up and they’ll be talking about the #1 topic you all voted on: Security!

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Security is one of those things that we all know we’re supposed to incorporate into our apps, but are we doing it right and are we doing enough?

Shaun Kaasten — Team Lead, Development @ FreshBooks

Single page apps are gaining popularity, but they introduce new types of security issues since we can’t rely on server state. Shaun will provide a walk through of granting, using and revoking auth tokens in a single page app.

Do you know what a cryptocurrency is? I know I don’t, but I can name a few: Bitcoin and Dogecoin come to mind. How do you “mine” Bitcoins, what is this blockchain thing? I think we’re all pretty curious about what cryptocurrencies are, how they’re generated and how they work.

Aleksander Essex — Assistant Prof. of Software Engineering @ Western

You’ve probably heard the now-famous story of the first Bitcoin transaction: a couple of pizzas in exchange for what today is worth millions of dollars in Bitcoins. Although my own story is more modest, I’ve gone through it: bubbles, theft, general sketchiness.

Aleksander Essex is an assistant professor of software engineering at Western University researching topics in information- and cyber-security, cryptography, and privacy. He works on projects in secure internet voting, privacy-preserving health informatics and computation on encrypted data. During his graduate days he worked closely with David Chaum, the inventor of digital cash. He co-authored one of the first research papers on Bitcoin, but insists he does not know Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity.

Bitcoin has come a long way since its mysterious beginnings, and despite the ups and recent downs, it continues to drive the conversation around commerce in the digital age. In this talk we’ll look at the technical side of Bitcoin, how it works, and what makes it so special. From there we’ll look at recent trends in altcoin projects toward asking the natural question: how would you design a cryptocurrency?

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