Can a Dream Change the World?

Dreams have been part of our thoughts for thousands of years since the dawn of humanity we have dreamed about many things. Thousands of years ago people dreamed of becoming a ruler of an empire or even just settling down in a house with family. Now our dreams have changed drastically, and that isn’t a bad thing. So back to the question, “Can a Dream Change the World?”, the answer is yes, but for someone’s dream to change the world the person must follow there dream and not let it go. If Martin Luther King gave up on his dream then for all we know the world still may be the same as it was. My point with this is a dream can change the world, but only if you don’t give up. Many people may say you’re a dream isn’t possible, or its just childish, and that’s OK. Because in the end, you are the one that can prove them wrong, instead of giving up you can achieve even more when people doubt you’re dreaming. Dreams can improve this world, yet they are also known to bring harm and problems at the same time. For example, Hitler had a dream, yet his dream wasn’t meant to improve the world, well he and his country may have thought so, but to the rest of the world, it wasn’t. My main point to take away from that is that it is possible to change the world with a dream, whether that is good or bad is up to the dreamer. In the end, though we all have dreams, and it is up to you and others to persevere and achieve those dreams.