Can Rabbits Swim?

Humans have been able to swim for thousands of years. What about rabbits? This is a random shower thought that my mind just can’t let go of. This topic is interesting to me because I am a swimmer, so basically anything that involves people and animals swimming is amusing to me.

I have been doing research on this topic and here are a few things I have learned so far. Rabbits can actually swim! A natural instinct of wild rabbits is to swim across bodies of water to get away from predators. There are specific breeds that can and can’t swim though. I am still researching about what breeds can swim and if the non-swimming breeds are trainable. Research has been difficult because not many people wonder this question and it isn’t very common to “train rabbits to swim” and not websites are very reliable. Hopefully I will be able to find enough information about swimming rabbits and find reliable websites!