Code: Running the Internet Since the Beginning

People believe that websites are simple to make, but in reality, they just pay a company to make one for them. Why is this? Because of coding. People don’t realize how difficult creating a website is, and that’s what the professionals are for. It’s not as simple as “That will go there, and this will go here,” It’s much more complicated than that. Strings of code are what make a website even visible to people on the World Wide Web. Most of the time, if people want to make a website on their own, then they would really want to go to a coding class, because it really is difficult work to learn. Not only do you have to learn how to use links, you have to find out how the drop-down menus work, and how the text corresponds with the coordinates on the Pixel Grid of the page. This is why people take to the professionals when it comes to websites. But since there are professionals in that field, that means you can learn those skills too!

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