How is Terrorism Related to Worldwide Wars?

Terrorism has existed for thousands of years, and with the current worldwide events, it seems that it won’t be ending anytime soon. From Al-Qaeda to current day ISIS, and to even smaller terrorist groups, it just makes you wonder, “Why is there so much evil?” And that’s a great question… so to find out why these groups do what they do, and how they are connected to with my main question, “Why do wars occur.” Accounts of terrorism date back all the way to the 1st Century, then all the way modern day world. One of the most commonly known groups in today’s society is ISIS, this group has grown from almost nothing to making an advancing front against Syria, Iraq, and the Kurdistan’s. Terrorism is usually thought of as a suicide bombing or something of that sort, while in fact, terrorism can sprout major wars just as ISIS has. It may not be the source of full-blown world wars, but one thing for sure is that terrorism can easily be underestimated and lead to full-blown organizations that wish to do nothing more than evil.

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