How will the economy be effected because of recent natural disasters?

The economy can be effect by very small changes, so what will happen because of the coastline disasters. Hurricane Harvey hit the coast hard, mainly effecting Texas. Hurricane Irma hit Florida and several islands off the coast, and Hurricane Jose is looking like it could turn into a tropical storm. These recent events and the damage they have caused made me think about something else I have been wanting to learn about, and that is effecting the economy.

So how much will it cost?

Figuring out about how much will it cost is one of the worries that I have on this topic. There are so many different estimates of the damage costs so far and updates changes it every day. Also people are still being effected by these disasters, and depending on what was damaged and what all they had insured can change it also.


Smaller topics I would like to look into- How the past can show what might happen, what will happen to people without insurance, insurance rates.