The 1%

I chose to write about the one percent because it seems to effect a lot of people in America. If you didn’t know what the one percent is, it is the 1% of people that make more than 80% of the money in the United States. Some of the sub questions I want to explore about this topic is how the 1% controls government and politics, and also want to explore the 99% and how much different their lives are from the 1%. I was inspired to write about this because political problems seem to come up in conversations in my house and I want to dig deeper and see through other peoples point of view. Some worries I have about doing this topic is finding false information about each of the sides. I am also worried that I won’t find enough information about this topic because a lot of people seem to push it off. This topic is important to me because I seem to have friends that are part of both sides and want to see how it effects them.

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