The Prices Wont Stop Going Up

In the last post I did, I said that I was having a hard time checking the damage price, and I still am. I am trying a new approach on finding the best costing price so far, and that is checking several different estimates and rounding them all together. I also said before that the price of Irma was at 50 billion and thought to rise to 65 billion, it now is over 100 billion.

Although it is a terrible that the Atlantic has been so active with hurricanes this year, it does help to have it in the news and have so many articles online about them to find out how it is effecting everyone. Usually they will talk about how people are low on supplies and need help, and then the damage costs.

I have found looking into past hurricanes such as Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Ike, ect. is a good idea on what is the best and fastest way to help people. Although it is nothing exact it can also tell us the expected setbacks and damages done to our economy.