Seed Vault Shop

As a playful, design-centric way of wrapping up this phase of the ‘Explorations of the Seed Vault’ we have set up a little online shop. We set out to see if we could design ways of making the data the Svalbard Global Seed Vault visible or tangible — so here are a selection of tangible and visible everyday products that in a small way does this:

1. Seed Mapper Chrome extension

The first product is the Seed Mapper Chrome browser-extension. This is free! It inserts a little bit of global biodiversity wonder into your everyday Web-browsing. Can be downloaded and installed here.

2. Seed Vault Colouring Book

In this colouring book you get to take a closer look at some of the seeds found in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. This is the world’s largest secure seed storage facility and currently holds seeds from 5.499 species of crop plants. This collection is an important global collaboration for preserving the biodiversity and resilience of crops for the future. In this colouring book we look at a small, but significant, selection of these — showing seeds from both the most common species in the Seed Vault, and some of the least common ones. Read more about the Seed Vault Colouring Book here.

The book can be bought through

The Seed Vault colouring book is printed and distributed through

3. Everyday products

Finally, we have designed a few everyday products based on our Seed Vault illustrations and drawing exercises. These products include prints, mugs, duvet covers and tank-tops. For example, you can carry your groceries in a bag covered with essential crop seeds:

The Seed Vault bag

There are currently no seed samples from the coffea genus in the Vault, but you could still drink some from a Seed Vault mug:

Or, you know, a duvet cover:

All the products can be bought through the Explorations of the Seed Vault shop at

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