5 Things to Do in NYC on a Breezy Fall Day

Good Morning, New York. Photo: Roman Kruglov

Winter is coming . . . well at least not yet. Some say there’s even a good chance of no snow until December. But to be honest, after last year’s winter, it’s a welcome change. After all, fall is a great time to calmly explore new corners of New York at a pleasant temperature.

So, in order to enjoy the last few bits of sunshine, here’s a list of things you should definitely do before we’ll all have to walk in a Winter Wonderland.

1. Go for a walk

West Village. Photo: Josefina Casals
“West Village is perfect for a walk. Its beautiful streets and buildings are a delight, it’s almost like a movie. There are also lots affordable restaurants, shops and coffee places nearby, if you want to take a break and escape the cold. Overall it is just a must for tourists and natives alike!!” -Katherine S. on Sefize

2. Eat somewhere new

Quality Eats. Photo: Quality Eats Facebook
“You should definitely check out the Quality Eats steakhouse in West Village. After a long walk in the neighborhood, we randomly saw this place. It’s one these restaurants that you can only love and it opened just a few days ago. It’s a very cozy and casual place with friendly staff and tasty food. You HAVE to try the Monkey bread and the short rib steak, just amazing! Here’s the address: 19 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY” -Julie D. on Sefize

3. Dive into jazz

Music at Smalls Jazz Club. Photo: Augie Ray
“Hidden in a basement, you’ll find Smalls Jazz Club. As the name implies it’s really small but they play a lot of good music and the atmosphere is awesome if you like a real New York jazz experience. Be sure to check the schedule before to see a complete show. We missed the chance to see Johnny O’Neal but still, it was incredible. You should definitely get there early. Here’s the address: 183 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014” -MarkHarris on Sefize

4. Have a little laugh

Comedy Cellar. Photo: Nuno Cardoso
“The Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village is extraordinary in every way. Quite small place but comfy and the ambiance is very intimate. The crowd is great and if you’re really lucky, you even get to see a few famous comedians like Louis CK stopping by. I’ve heard that Alingon Mitra will be there this Saturday, so try to make a reservation in advance and be there early enough to get a good seat. Have fun!” -Scott T. on Sefize

5. Explore the rooftops

The Ides: Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar. Photo: Chris Goldberg
“The Ides Bar in Williamsburg is just lovely and not pretentious at all. This rooftop bar has good vibes and is even great throughout the fall. Gotta say that the view is incredible and you can get all sorts of drinks for a way cheaper price than in Manhattan. Can’t recommend this hidden gem highly enough (no pun intended).” -Holly C. on Sefize

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