581 words from Warsaw.

Warsaw. I’ve been here tens, perhaps even a hundred times before. A few times even in this same hotel, this same room — InterContinental junior suite #2318. But only today I realized that the window sill is wide enough to fit me. So I climbed on it, with my MacBook Pro in my lap, iTunes playing Chopin’s Romance from Concerto No.1.

And I’m cosily seated on this hard wooden sill, looking directly at the glorious Palace of Culture and Science. So hated gift of Stalin that poor bastard never lived to see open. It’s so huge you can’t miss it. And every time I’m staying at the InterContinental, it’s threateningly watching over me, like a big bully. Now I realized, I never really took the time to take a good look of the big bastard. Each time I’m here, I take a photo of it and check in on the Facebook. But I never just look at it and notice it’s details. It’s actually kind of nice, old-school-kind-a-building. Doesn’t look socialist-era at all. Reminds me just a tiny bit of the Empire State Building of New York. And if the stories are true, Stalin actually sent spies to study the ESB.

I hear that many Poles really hate this building and would even like to see it thorn down. It’s tough to live with a hated symbol lurking over you. But what would change, what would improve if it gets demolished? Shall it simply prove that oppressors have won in the long run — making opressed the same as them? Like a bullied child that turns into a bully once it grows up.

Listening to Chopin I’m staring at the two street crossings — zebras painted as piano keyboards. I always think about checking if that’s recognizable from walking over them on the street or is it here only for us, the visitors with bird’s eye view. It would be really cool if those keys would play real piano sounds as you walked over them. I can see some artists creating new kind of pedestrian crossing music genre.

As many times as I’ve been to Warsaw, I’ve never really taken the time to be a tourist. I’ve been to the old town and noticed Charles De Gaulle’s monument and the Reagan and some others and I’ve read about the history of Warsaw, but I never really went to do any planned sightseeing. Haven’t visited any museums. And there are some I’d really like to see. Like the Invisible Museum where they turn you into a blind person and you get to experience what they live every day. And surely I’d like to go to the Big Bastard’s 30th floor deck and take some shots. And probably the old Gestapo HQ. That would be a plan I might be able to fit into one of the days after all the meetings are finished. Yes, I should definitely put that on my plan for next visit in April.

But this evening I’ll just sit on the window sill, marvel at the big bastard and spill my thoughts on the keyboard. Chopin’s wonderful masterpiece is a great inspiration to create. I’m just putting it louder right now. And almost feel compelled to dance, spin, by the sounds of magnificent Piano Concerto No.2 in f-moll, Larghetto.

Thank you for today, Warsaw. I’m looking forward to another day with You.

God bless you. And thanks for hosting me.