A Day In Warsaw

Waking up at an unusual place is always exciting. Where am I? What am I doing here? I look around and I realize that I am at a hotel in Warsaw, and I will wake up here three more times. We arrived yesterday and the day did not go as it had been initially planned, but we managed to do what we had to anyway, so we are fine. A free day for exploring the city is waiting ahead, and I am thrilled. I cannot wait to get outside and simply wander around, absorbing everything unnknown around me. Luckilly, it is still early, so I have enough time to read a few articles and write my daily post on Medium in bed, while also drinking hot coffee.

It is nine am and we are on our way to eat. It turns out that our hotel has great breakfast, which is fanastic news. I have scrambled eggs, lots of slices of salmon and cheese, as well as some salad, a few pancakes and a quantity of cups of tea and coffee that I would not be able to count even if I really wanted to. Yes, that`s a lot of food for me, I know! For the first time in ages we take our time to eat and enjoy. As I stop myself to think about it, I realize what a pleasure it is. It takes us about an hour if not more to finish our meal, and there is no stress about it — today we can afford such a luxury, but it feels extremely odd. Fueled for the day we leave the hotel to start out little adventure!
 As you know, mornings are usually chilly in the middle of september, and so is the one today. I am wearing a T-shirt with a shirt and a denim jacket at the same time. However, frankly speaking, I love it when it is fresh outside. An unusual thing about this trip is our hotel, which is located across the street from the airport. I have never lived this way and I have never thought it could be fine, but it is. There is no noise (such a huge surprise) and we are five minutes away from the train station. We get on the train and it takes us about twenty minutes to arrive to Warsaw`s central station. As we walk outside, we see a spectacular soviet building — Palace of culture and science. We come closer and then we find out that there is a terrace on top, so, of course, we go there in order to see what the city is like from a different perspective. It is weird to see how diverse it is. Mostly it is full of grey soviet buildings (we have a lot of those in Ukraine too), as well as some modern skyscrapers that stand out a lot and an old town somewhere a little far from where we are. We spot red and orange roofs and decide that this is where we want to go.

It is sunny and warm now, which equals to a perfect weather when you are about to have a walking sightseeing tour. This is exactly what we do. On one hand, we know what we want to see, on the other — we are totally free and change our direction a little bit from time to time. The city keeps on being very diverse. Some parts look like Paris, others — like Budapest. I look at every single thing with a lot of attention and I take lots of pictures.
 When we get to the old town (which, as it turns out has been rebuilt after the world war two due to being fully destroyed), I forget about the Soviet heritage I have seen half an hour ago. I look around and I only see cute little colourful houses and people enjoying themselves. It feels good, so good! We keep on walking and we end up across the street from the river. We get to visit a local University library with an orangerie on top (spectacular! loved it) and then a Copernicus science centre, which is filled with both children and adults. It is too busy for us to wait in the line, so we continue our tour. We walk and walk and walk.

Approximately now I start feeling really-really sick. It seems that I have a fever, as well as splitting headache and a feeling of exhaustion in my body. At a nearest supermarket I buy smoothies and some medicine to save me, but none of it really helps. In the end, I realize that no matter how much I want to stay and keep on meeting the city, I need to go back to the hotel in order to have some rest and feel better tomorrow. On my way home I buy more medicine, as well as some tea to treat myself. Walking to the train station now feels like an actual challenge and I cannot wait to be in bed. I am upset that my trip is going in a totally wrong direction, but I hope that it won`t be too serious and I will still be able to enjoy Warsaw.

The rest of the day is spent with hot tea in bed. I get a chance to watch something, because I feel too sick to read, so I finish watching “mistress america”. finally! Hours go by and I do not feel any better, but I am relieved to be resting. I cannot fall asleep for a very long time, but then I finally do. Two more days are waiting ahead — one for getting healthier and exploring the city more, the other one — for the fashion show at Warsaw Fashion Week and a lovely ending at cafe charlotte.

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Originally published at whatbeingtwentyislike.blogspot.com on September 20, 2016.