My Lisbon. Lisbon I love. How I cheated on Ukraine and moved to Portugal

Lisbon… I have arrived to this wonderful city two years ago and fell in love with it at the first glance. Lisbon was like my beloved man, like my lover and my soulmate who was waiting for me for all his life, waiting patiently for me to come. I remember that wonderful day in April 2013, I remember that moment when the plane was about to land and my knees started to shiver….. I had a strange feeling that I am coming home but not going for a vacation to an amazing country with a very old and rich history. And I guess I was right…… because 2 years later (as I was coming back over and over again to see my beloved Lisbon) I have relocated here.

I love this city and this amazing country for its marvellous landscapes, incredible beaches, breath-taking nature, magnificent sunsets and wonderful sky. Yes, sky. If you have travelled a lot I bet you noticed that sky and clouds in every country are different. But if you have been to Portugal at least once you will never forget its sky, because you will not be able to find something like that in any other place. I would like to share with you my impressions and experience from the places I have visited in Portugal, about the beauty of this country, its history, its architecture and its magnificent charisma, yes charisma because Portugal for me is not just a country, it is like a lifetime partner who is always happy with you, for you and feels saudade (beautiful juicy Portuguese word which actually has no direct translation but describes a deep emotional state of nostalgia for something or someone you really love, e.g. your motherland or beloved person, something important and significant) when you leave it.

For many years it was a forgotten city. It endured a very long dictatorship; and later it accumulated errors of urban planning. :) Nowadays Lisbon is a city with an odd geography comprising different villages, connected by a incomprehensible system of streets, alleys, lanes, travessas (small, narrow but very cosy streets) abandoned tram lines. Perhaps it is the city where it is impossible to make plans at all; because the city grabs you, hugs you and whispers to your ears lots of crazy ideas even if you have strict plans and you need to stick to them. You might have a walk downtown because you have an appointment there with a friend or a lesson of Portuguese language close to Rua Augusta but then… suddenly you just make a turn to the street you haven’t been before to grab a coffee and suddenly beauty of new unknown street devours you completely, you call your friend and ask to join you immediately or you give a call to language school to reschedule the lesson because now you have to explore the beauty you haven’t seen before. And this is a way much more important than studying. :)

Lisbon loves you a lot, you feel this love, you swim at it, and you feel it with your heart, your skin, your fingertips and your soul. Lisbon hugs you and whispers wonderful words to your ears, he sings fado (incredibly beautiful traditional music and songs in Lisbon, which refers to saudade as originally fado are songs about loss and missing something important) for you, he offers you amazing food, and you feel overwhelmed with this city. That is how I felt from the very first minute I have spent in Lisbon. If you come here once and stay for living you realise that in this city you live like the days were never-ending and Lisbon is a boyfriend who does not forgive your absence. Because today you need to be in Gulbenkian museum because the new exhebition is just starting, and at the same day there is a wonderful indie rock band performing in Bairro Alto, and tomorrow you need to wake up early because you have classes but you have no time to study at all because this city offers so many things every day. You need to go to that new restaurant of seafood which has just opened downtown, then your friend has a launch of a book, then you were thinking of going to Alfama and making some great photos, and finally your friend from Germany is calling and saying that she has a day off and you need to go to Carcavelos for surfing. And you have so many things to do, which you REALLY need to do and you have an early morning yoga class. BUT, You cannot resist this city and you are never tired of all the activities he offers you and you cannot refuse all this as you might offend him. But your love for it is so huge and you need to be there for this city all the time so you just flow with it and its rythm.

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