Why Digital Coaching May BeWhat We Need — When We Need It Most

Focusing attention on the relationship

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There was a time when almost all coaching and therapy took place in person. Yet, with the challenges we’ve all faced over the last year and remote working becoming the norm, this has changed.

It had to.

Advanced e-coaching and e-therapy tools have enabled coaches and therapists to take sessions online and–perhaps surprisingly–improve contact with clients while getting to know how they are doing between sessions.

After all, it is outside of dedicated meetings when most learnings and growth occur. Instead, (actual or perceived) support can be given within difficult situations or while we overcome obstacles— rather than much later when a face-to-face is possible.

The digital portal (whether via phone or laptop) does not replace the coach, but it boosts their reach and ability to be there when it matters most.

And somewhat surprisingly, research has confirmed that online coaching and therapy offer some crucial benefits.

While being location (and often time) independent is incredibly important, completing assignments and homework online is linked to improved insight, reflection skills, self-esteem, and a sense of control.

Not only that, it seems that while less visible–talking through online chat or completing assessments and homework–we are more open and honest. We more quickly get to the root of what is wrong rather than conform to social conventions where we feel compelled to make each other comfortable.

At a time when more and more of us need support and focus on our mental wellbeing, digital coaching and therapy may provide what we need, when we need it most.

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