Wanderings in Sri Lanka — Negombo

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Relaxing, resting, recovering from the jet-lag, acclimatising to the hot (34c) & humid weather and generally having a good time is the order of the day, at a beach hotel in Negombo on the West coast of Sri Lanka, prior to setting off on a “round the island tour”. 
 Colombo was an interesting city — we were slightly surprised by the numerous well maintained old colonial buildings, wide tree-lined streets and busy but not chaotic traffic.

On a day trip to Colombo we chanced upon a noisy colourful ceremony in a Hindu Temple — chanting, banging of drums and smoke — while, in comparison, the Buddhist Temple was quiet with many Buddha statues and praying monks. Old Colombo, down by the port, was a maze of busy narrow colourful streets, small shops and a lively atmosphere.

A boat trip along the Old Dutch canal opened into the large Negombo Lagoon & Muthurajawla marsh. Small shacks and colourful fishing boats lined the banks and many marshland birds with occasional Macaques were spotted among the mangroves.

Curries for breakfast, lunch & dinner — for WanderingPeter at least!! There is a wide choice of curry Net-fishing at sunsetNet-fishing at sunset Net-fishing at sunset — all of which have been very tasty — notably a Jackfruit curry.

But luckily the fiery chillies are generally significantly reduced for tourists!! — but they are still hot & spicy enough for us!!

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