Explorer’s Manual: The Big Bang

Deep Space Landscapes, and lots of Utility.

Dear Explorers,

We have been more than overwhelmed with the support we have received on our Big Bang Genesis NFT collection. Within the first 12 hours your demand for our NFTs catapulted us to become the 2nd most successful NFT launch on Soonaverse ever — the #1 spot being taken only by SoonLabs themselves!

Over the last couple of days our space pilots & engineers have focused on answering all of our amazing community’s questions surrounding the various utilities of our NFTs.

We’ve been providing detailed answers left and right and thought it might very well be time for a compilation of all the knowledge around The Big Bang — an Explorer’s manual, so to speak.

Let’s dive in and explore all of the utilities that can be reaped by holding our Genesis NFTs!

Shared Utility — NFT Staking

While all of our primordial landscapes (NFTs) enjoy diverse benefits that are unique and particular to each environment (more on unique utilities below), they have one thing in common: when taken proper care of, little lively farms prosper and yield magnificent VOID fruits. Thus, VOIDs can be earned by staking the NFTs.

Even though many explorers have heard about staking tokens (like IOTA) before, NFT staking is a novel concept that the TangleSwap Crew is bringing to the IOTA ecosystem.

By staking your NFTs into the TangleSwap Docking Stations (in earthly terms: a simple click of a button), the NFTs ancient power is unleashed, allowing the lucky explorer to continuously reap the fruits of their land in our native VOID token.

A quick note on the staking reward — our token: VOID will be a core component of the whole TangleSwap platform and will be required both to influence the future strategy and direction of the platform via community governance, as well as to unlock a range of other functionalities.

We believe that positioning ourselves to become an apex protocol on IOTA requires an apex token. As such, the tokenomics of our VOID token have been deliberately calibrated and fine-tuned to allow for organic growth and price-sustainability in both bull & bear markets. A number of buyback and burn-mechanisms will be implemented to ensure that organic protocol revenue will directly benefit token holders. While the details will be announced closer to the launch of TangleSwap, we are more than excited to unveil all intricacies leading up to the launch of our platform.

The different NFT types will generate the following amounts of VOID per year:

  • Palm Springs | 200 VOID per year
  • Floating Relaxation | 300 VOID per year
  • Tranquillity | 600 VOID per year
  • Ascension | 800 VOID per year
  • Night Fall | 1000 VOID per year

Note that it is the NFTs themselves who are host to the primordial staking power. Holding VOID tokens is neither required to begin the process of NFT staking, nor does it affect the amount of VOID rewards collectable by staking an NFT.

Our NFT Docking Stations will be accessible on the launch of the TangleSwap protocol, expected shortly after the Shimmer mainnet goes live. The emissions rate and allocation for the period after the first two years have passed will be voted on by community governance of all VOID token holders.


Dom owns 1 Palm Springs NFT, 1 Ascension NFT and 1 Night Fall NFT. He can stake his NFTs to generate 200 + 800 + 1000 = 2000 VOID per year.

Navin owns 2 Palm Springs NFTs, 3 Floating Relaxation NFTs and 2 Ascension NFTs. He can stake his NFTs to generate 2 x 200 + 3 x 300 + 2 x 800 = 2900 VOID per year.

Minters-exclusive Utility — Bonus Airdrop

Shortly after The Big Bang launch, Soonaverse discovered an issue in the code of its randomness generator which also affected our Genesis NFT mint.

While the TangleSwap crew had no way of foreseeing or avoiding this issue, we did want to ensure that nonetheless all parties implicitly affected by the randomness calculation were compensated with an additional reward.

As such, we have decided to allocate 1,000,000 VOID (=1% of our TOTAL Token Supply) to everyone who has either already participated in our Genesis NFT mint, or decides to mint one of the few remaining NFTs. This airdrop will form a part of our total airdrop allocation and thus will NOT introduce additional tokens. Of course — as with every airdrop — the Palm Springs x5 airdrop multiplier will apply in normal fashion (details on Palm Springs follow shortly below). The snapshot date for the airdrop has not yet been announced.

Important to note: the NFTs held at the snapshot do not need to be the same as the minted NFTs — those bought on the secondary market will also allow for airdrop participation, if and insofar the user had also participated in the minting event (and thus had potentially been exposed to the randomness calculation procedure).


Valerie owns 1 Palm Springs NFT that she got by participating directly in the mint. She will participate in the Airdrop with a x5 multiplier and receive a minimum of 333 VOID.

Thoralf also owns 1 Palm Springs, although he minted a Night Fall that he exchanged for the Palm Springs he now holds. Since it’s not mandatory that the NFT held at the snapshot date is the same as the minted NFT, Thoralf also participates in the airdrop with a x5 multiplier, thus receiving a minimum of 333 VOID as well.

Maximilian did not participate in the mint, but still bought 1 Ascension and 1 Palm Springs on the secondary market. While he will get to reap many benefits in the future, he does not participate in the bonus airdrop, since he did not mint any NFTs.

Looking for more details? You can find out exactly how many VOIDs will be generated by YOUR NFTs from the bonus airdrop by following this link:

If you are interested in further details on the Soonaverse randomization issue, please follow the links below for official statements from both the TangleSwap crew as well as the Soonaverse engineers:

Distinctive Utility — Palm Springs

In the rolling hills of Palm Springs, mindfulness and serenity inspire clarity as crystalline as the waters of its lagoons and streams. Those in Palm Springs wear wisdom with grace, their frames of mind sharp enough to see past any problem posed.

Calling on their ancient, nature-infused abilities, the residents of Palm Springs are able to attract a multitude of resources from outer space. As such, being a Palm Springs resident not only guarantees participation in every airdrop of VOID that’s to come (for a total of 5% of token supply) but also significantly increases VOID earned by applying a x5 Airdrop multiplier. This multiplier increases linearly with the amount of properties (i.e. NFTs) owned in the Palm Springs neighborhood.

So far only 2 VOID airdrops have been announced: one airdrop will be distributed all IOTA holders that meet some minimal eligibility criteria (tentatively named the “Initial Airdrop”), while another will be going to NFT holders who participated in the minting process (see “Bonus Airdrop” above). Further airdrops will be announced in the future, until the dedicated 5% VOID airdrop supply has been released in full. Palm Springs residents will always be included.


Gunnar owns 1 Palm Springs NFT. He will be included in every airdrop and will in total be rewarded with a 1 x 5 = x5 multiplier.

Anja owns 6 Palm Springs NFTs. She will be included in every airdrop and will in total be rewarded with a 6 x 5 = x30 multiplier.

Distinctive Utility — Floating Relaxation

Floating Relaxation mesmerizes its residents with a landscape of sea-glass waves and silky shores. It’s been described as an enchanting Eden for the spirited and adventurous.

Once the Shimmer network launches, we expect a lot of promising projects to emerge and come out of stealth mode. These projects can seek funding from interested explorers on the TangleSwap platform in the form of Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs). As the amount of tokens up for grabs might be limited, whitelisting conditions will need to be fulfilled in order to participate in IFOs. If we consider that these early fundraisers often occur at highly discounted valuations, IFOs represent the best opportunity to be among the first to scoop up valuable tokens.

Given the adventurous nature of Floating Relaxation residents, it comes as no surprise that projects of the Shimmer universe looking to launch their deep space mission on the TangleSwap platform will be granting the habitants of Floating Relaxation a guaranteed whitelist spot to participate in their IFOs.

Every holder of a Floating Relaxation will thus not have to worry about fulfilling whitelist conditions, but will instead be entitled to an automatic whitelist spot for IFOs on TangleSwap of up to $500 USD, allowing them to participate in early-stage investment opportunities within the IOTA ecosystem. The $500 USD limit increases linearly with the amounts of properties (i.e. NFTs) owned in the Floating Relaxation neighborhood.


Regine owns 1 Floating Relaxation NFT. She will be whitelisted for every IFO and be able to contribute a maximum of up to 1 x $500 = $500 USD.

Holger owns 4 Floating Relaxation NFTs. He will be whitelisted for every IFO and be able to contribute a maximum of up to 4 x $500 = $2000 USD.

Distinctive Utility — Tranquillity

Genuine and magnetic, those who make Tranquillity their home become seduced by glossy lakes and hypnotic reflections. Although seemingly laid back, the easy-going nature of Tranquillity’s inhabitants belies their contemplative habits and inner desire for introspection.

This introspection is thrown out of the window, however, when the time for TangleSwap’s triannual Great Gatsby Events comes. Besides representing the place to be for everyone involved or wanting to become involved in the TangleSwap and IOTA ecosystem, the Tranquillity neighborhood is said to be host to lost treasures that only surface during these triannual festivities. Some of them will have to be scavenged for, others may go to explorers showing their abilities in earthly competitions such as chess or poker.

Some say, these treasures contain more VOID than residents of other neighborhoods could ever hope to make! Let’s find out together, if these legends have any truth to them.

Residents of Tranquillity do have different personal schedules and may not always be able to attend the festivities every time they occur. As such, the metaverse tickets given to Tranquillity residents will be separately transferable (i.e. sellable) to other interested explorers, allowing Tranquillity residents to earn passive income on top of their constant staking rewards. Legend says, this way, even some Night Fall residents were able to acquire access to the parties and have been seen drunk beyond terrestrial comprehension.


Olivia owns 1 Tranquillity NFT. She will be invited to all festivities and can make use of her chance to find the hidden treasures. She’s looking forward to some insightful chats with the TangleSwap crew as well as the latest on upcoming IFOs.

Billy owns 4 Tranquillity NFTs. He will be invited to all festivities and will be able to bring 3 additional people, all of whom — like him — can try their best to outsmart the others at the poker table and come home as a significant VOID whale.

Hans owns 10 Tranquillity NFTs. While he will receive 10 invites to all festivities, he’s too busy coding and has already decided to sell all party invites.

Angelo, a notorious party goer and scavenger, buys all 10 invites from Hans and brings his whole crew. Between enjoying the DJs and virtual champagne, they’re bound to be the first to find the hidden treasures — so they think!

Distinctive Utility — Ascension

Ascension’s landscape enchants intellectuals, artists, writers, and daydreamers, their creativity unbridled on corporeal clouds as smooth as marshmallow.

These residents of Ascension share a special bond with the TangleSwap crew. Besides being explorers at heart, they have identified the potential of what could happen to the VOID token if TangleSwap achieves its vision of becoming the hub for decentralized finance within the IOTA ecosystem.

Having heard that a portion of the total VOID token supply will be available in a limited and closed presale, residents of Ascension have used their creativity and worked out a deal with the crew: every resident will be eligible to participate in the presale with up to $500 USD. This amount increases linearly with the number of Ascension properties owned.

Not only does this grant Ascension residents pre-access to gain a stake in what we believe will be the very core of IOTA DeFi, it also guarantees them an investment at the same conditions shared by all other presale participants — including strategically selected VC partners and Angel investors.

In a sense, Ascension and Floating Relaxation holders both share the same sentiment: they want to be at the forefront of investments into nascent IOTA DeFi technology. While the latter will be looking to invest in new projects during IFOs, Ascension residents have decided to focus solely on TangleSwap.


Pinar owns 1 Ascension NFT. She will be able to participate in the VOID presale with a maximum amount of $500 USD.

Rajiv owns 4 Ascension NFTs. He will be able to participate in the VOID presale with a maximum amount of 4 x $500 = $2000 USD.

Distinctive Utility — Night Fall

The atmosphere in Night Fall spreads a cheerful, permeating optimism and quirky cleverness that seems not to be elsewhere replicated.

It’s not remembered how they did it — at least that’s what’s been said — but residents of Night Fall have used their extraordinary intelligence to engineer a way of using the TangleSwap Decentralized Exchange with even lower fees. When trading their tokens on the DEX, Night Fall residents are granted a perennial 10% discount.

Following the creation of their trading discount, many Night Fall residents were recorded to have sold their properties at a big profit, while setting sights on sunnier places, like Palm Springs and Floating Relaxation. Nowadays, a very high percentage of Night Fall residents is made up of high-volume or high-frequency traders, enjoying fees as tiny as far-away stars and earning their livelihood by playing the markets to the best of their extent.


Thabata owns 1 Night Fall NFT. She will be able to enjoy a trading discount of 10%.

Thibault owns 17 Night Fall NFTs. He — like Thabata — enjoys a trading discount of 10%. His additional properties do not grant him an additional advantage though. He really should consider selling some of them to other interested explorers!

We hope this edition of the Explorer’s Manual is helpful in onboarding all NFT holders and answering many of the frequently asked questions. Once again — we cannot thank all of you enough for the support we have gotten since our NFT collection went live, not even a week ago!

The path for TangleSwap to become a cornerstone of the upcoming Shimmer network is now more than laid and we could not have done it without you, brave Explorers.

Thank you.

The TangleSwap Crew 🖤



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