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Practical Jetpack Compose: Get the beta!

Over the past year I’ve been working hard on Practical Jetpack Compose — a course to help you learn how to build UI using this new UI framework for Android. In this course we take a practical approach in learning how to build Android Apps using Jetpack Compose. You’ll build 12 independent projects, interacting with a vast range of essential Compose APIs.

The current release is the beta, which is available at a special price for early adopters.The beta contains the first 6 projects and you’ll receive updates for the remaining projects at no additional cost.

As more of the 12 projects are finished and released, the price will increase closer to the full price outlined in the pricing table. The beta allows you to get the course at a reduced price — it’ll likely see the first price increase during January.

You can check out more details on the course over on the official website. If you have any other questions, then please do reach out over on contact (at) compose.academy 😊



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