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Exploring History

Tintim by Charles Burns (1983)

The Adventures of Tintin in Fascism

Tintin first appeared in a far-right publication but gradually the stories were able to overcome its ultraconservative influence

You probably know the Tintin that Spielberg portrayed in film: the intrepid hero who searches for lost treasure, accompanied by the sailor, Captain Haddock, and his little dog, Milou. It was…




Exploring History is a publication about history. Instead of focusing on any particular time period of history, we explore anything about the past that helps our readers understand the world they live in today. We pay special attention to historiographical rigor and balance.

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Ricardo Cunha Lima

Ricardo Cunha Lima

Ricardo is a information designer, illustrator, university professor at UFPE, has a PhD in design and is a founding member of the Visual+mente podcast

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