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Exploring History

The Really Real Bloody Wedding

Game of Thrones has nothing on these nuptials

Darling, I love you with all my heart that’s about to be pulled bloody and still beating from my chest Photo by bridemagazine.co.uk

It’s a rare wedding that goes off without a single hitch. The photographer’s late, the caterers drop the ball, the best man is drunk. Sucks at the time but makes a great story later.

But few weddings, if any, can rival the nuptials-turned-massacre of Astorre Baglioni and Lavinia Colonna on July 15, 1500, in…




Exploring History is a publication about history. Instead of focusing on any particular time period of history, we explore anything about the past that helps our readers understand the world they live in today. We pay special attention to historiographical rigor and balance.

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Kathy Copeland Padden

Kathy Copeland Padden

is a news junkie, history buff, and music fanatic surfing the End Times wave with bemusement. Come along!

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