Alternative Pricing Strategy in Ride-hailing systems

An effort to bridge the pricing disparity.

The Brief

Looking at current aspects

mindmap of our findings so far
| 1. Double auction system | 2. Single auction system

The research considers that the passengers are sensitive to immediate pricing and the drivers are sensitive to long-term pricing. Hence, a look at the surge price can immediately make a passenger log out from the app.

Insights generated from our research

Principles of the proposed mechanics

Rider’s screen

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Sample Scenario

A short animation of proposed model for driver allocation for negotiation feature.

Application Mockup

Setting up pick-up and destination points
| 1. Selection of type of vehicle | 2. Screen for placing a ‘bid’ | 3. Request sent to drivers
| 1. If a ‘bid’ is not accepted | 2. Once a ‘bid’ is accepted | 3. Draw on map feature on rider’s screen
| 1. Trip request pop up | 2. Once a trip is accepted | 3. Draw on map feature on drivers’s screen

Futures wheel


Additional App Features




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Saili Gupte

Student at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Design led Innovation.