What Happened to Andrew J Lepisto, the Boppin’ Soundtrack Composer? [Part 1]

As soon as I entered my teenage years, my music preferences became more non-mainstream. Bored with grunge, nu-metal, gangsta rap, and other common genres of the 90s to early 00s, I sought out music that was different. About a quarter-century later, I still seek out music that’s different, albeit it takes the form of experimental, free jazz, sound collage, and other avant-garde works nowadays more so than Tom Waits, Aphex Twin, and other artists I found to be unique and fringe back then.

I’ve also been an avid gamer since 1990, with the bulk of the time since then involving PC gaming. Occasionally, a video game soundtrack comes along that satiates my need for unique music. Boppin’ checked all of the boxes for me: interesting and unique game concept, interesting and unique story and art style, and a soundtrack that was bizarrely amazing. Either Andrew Lepisto is an extremely gifted composer who purposefully created many of these tracks, or this was created by random chance and somehow turned out to be quite good.

Tracking down Andrew Lepisto’s future compositions has seemingly been a lost cause. Nothing else is credited to him — or at least nothing else I could find. I discovered an immunologist named Andrew J Lepisto. Based on his age, he could have composed this soundtrack in his teenage years. He stated he did not, though. One of many dead ends in my attempts to track down the elusive Andrew.

I opted to track down Andrew via Stephen P. Lepisto, who has quite the web presence throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Stephen was a lead developer behind Boppin’. I sent him an email today, so hopefully I hear something back.

I’ve compiled a list of associated acquaintances, possible family members, and more to go through. Hopefully I return with many stories to tell and even more music to share!



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