Let’s Co-build a Playbook for Ecosystem Innovation

Are you an innovator about to start a new innovation hub or join one?

We were in the same shoes not too long ago. We started Explorium in Hong Kong in 2018 and over the past two years we’ve tried, failed, and succeeded (on occasion) in helping the businesses of the Fung Group innovate following an ecosystem approach.

We learned a lot along the way and now are sharing back our reflections and suggestions in a Playbook for Ecosystem Innovation — this is the guide we wish we had at the beginning of our journey.

Read it, and maybe you can avoid some of our mistakes.​

We realize this is just the first step. Our experiences and point-of-view are only one out of many innovation scenarios and designs.

This is why we’d like to keep learning together with you!

The playbook is a community project so if you have something to say about innovation and would like to become a contributor, reach out to us to get access to our Playbook wiki prototype on Notion.io.


The Explorium Team






Stories of transformation in fashion, retail and value chains —— we believe in growth through collaboration

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