Drawing: 361

Thursday, 27 April 2017

On first reading 
Was Heisst Denken?
What Is Called Thinking? 
By Martin Heidegger
Which my friend Nick gave me
My third image from the imagination

Thinker in thought space. 
Calling out. 

Or is he alone? 
Does the call echo back? 
The voice of the thinker echoes and echoes. 
Filling the cavernous recesses of the mind.

Alone in the echoing expanse; 
Until, another voice.

With clarity, he responds to The Call.
He is not utterly alone. 
Player in game space.
Thinker in thought space. 
Calling towards Aeon. 
Called by Aeon. 
Thinking what is. 
What Is is calling him to think. 
What is calling thinking? 
What is called thinking? 
Was Heisst Denken?