Poem: 181
Monday, 14 August 2017


Alas, father! Your lion cub has become a lion;
Hunted its own meat, found its own pride,
Roared its own roar, and heard — himself.
And hearing himself, heard that he was strong!

The cat in you, her feline sensitivity,
She sees the lion in me, and shreiks!
Shrieking, she leaps away to safety,
Hides in her den, and hisses warning,
Hissing disownment! You shriek the truth,
For this lion is no son of a cat!

Yet if your cat,
Finds in herself, her own lion; 
He will remember, slowly — himself.
Rediscovering himself, he will rediscover everything
rediscovering everything, he will rediscover me.

Lion will look upon lion-son, and in looking upon him, 
recognize suddenly again — himself, his own image, reflected;
and find, again, his pride.
And, in finding, 
roar for a future reborn.