Poem: 42
Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Get on my level

Such respect, have I 
For your noble soul, that
Of course! I would meet you,
Wherever you choose.

If you asked it of me,
I would, like Hercules
Descend, even unto Hades, 
To save you, fair friend,
As a Labor of Love.

But ask Dante! Strange physics there
Prevail: the only way out is through, and
The only way down is 

You see, 
If you’re drowning,
I must be higher;

You’re barely hanging on; 
I must be rooted 

If you’re far below, 
I must be far, farther still 

If you let me, 
I want to invite you, 
pull you, hoist you, drag you

For my part, I promise:
I won’t let anyone, not even you
Drag me down — 
So stop, don’t 
Worry! About anything, 

Show me, show me
Just one good reason, not to
Get on my level.

Far better, please, I prefer:
Invite me to join you
On higher planes
Of majesty.

One or the other 
Must occur.
States like 
Accountants must 
Balance out.