Poem: 45
Thursday, 16 February 2017

Stop equivocating.

So hedged!
On the other hand…
So nuanced!
It depends on what the meaning of is is…
So sophisticated!
There is this sense with which…
So open minded!
One might disagree…
So erudite!
There’s an excellent piece by…
So cosmopolitan!
Last week in London, I went to a talk…
So mysterious!
I might be of the opinion that…

Take a stand.
Show some spine.
Grow a pair.
I don’t know where you stand.

Better to be immoderately wrong
Than moderately right.

Do you actually believe anything? 
Or are you just a walking conversational self-defense mechanism? 
Is there anything that you hold a passionate opinion about?

If I wrote it all down, would it all cross out? Does all this noise coming from your mouth cancel better than Bose? Do you actually have a single thought, a single true thought? Any truth worthy of the pure integrity of acted-out belief? Does your lifestyle resemble your conversation-style?

If you’re a human
Don’t get lost in the 
Gradients of grey.

You’re so impressed 
With your own realization
That everything is true and 
Not true; by the 
18-page long menu 
of half-truth flavors
of gelatos.

Order some damn ice cream
And be done with it, damn it!

Stop equivocating! 
Be decisive!

I am amazed by how well adapted you are
To this post-post-modern 

All that these chameleon-antics
Get you is that you look an awful lot 
Like a tree.

You’re such a blender, if I gave you a
Vegetable, you’d turn it into a smoothie.

It’s amazing you 
Reached the grand conclusion
After much deliberation
Considering every 
Point of view
To get out
Of bed.

Stop fucking equivocating! Although sometimes equivocating is good. Perhaps. Maybe. Under the right circumstances. Use your judgement. There’s no right answer. I’m actually not sure.