Francis Pedraza
Mar 14 · 2 min read

A warrior must love life
So much he is willing to die for it.
Any less, and he will not do what is necessary
All, or nothing.

Otherwise, he will compromise
Hold back, soften, in little ways…
An edge, a sword’s edge
Energy! Explosive, violent, energy is required
How can something so hard, so sharp
Come from a soft place?

Change requires extreme agents.
All the way
You have to go all the way
You cannot be halfway pregnant
Or halfway good
Or halfway excellent
Either you change the world
Of you don’t
Either way it’s not up to you
But what is
Is choices:
Running away, or running towards
Staying on the mountain, or coming down
Escaping the city, or getting lost in it
Or building it.
Are you going to burn the ships… or not?
Are you going to greet Judas… or not?
Are you going to try the 99th wire… or not?
Saying yes or no
Praying, wrestling, doing, accelerating… or not
Ascending… or not.

Count the cost
The price is always higher than you think
It claims your very soul in the end
It wants all of you
Every last bit
You can hold nothing back
Not even a corner of yourself in the night
You must disdain greatness to be great
Disdain fame to be a hero
Disdain wealth to risk what others won’t

The garden breeds cats
The jungle, lions
Moderates water plants
Extremists win wars
The tao contains all extremes
That is how it achieves moderation
That is how the jungle contains all animals
Even lions

What is in a lion’s roar?
Hunger, anger… or memory?
A warrior must love life
To do what is required.
But is it life that he loves
Or the spirit that is in life
The potential that exists within things
Within people
The beauty they deny
The light they hide
It breaks his heart
And he screams
Fighting his war
With all the jungle

Explosions: Poetry

Every poem, an explosion. Spirit moves through all beings who let it. Move through me!

Francis Pedraza

Written by

Is spirit moving?

Explosions: Poetry

Every poem, an explosion. Spirit moves through all beings who let it. Move through me!

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