Poem: 57
Monday, 20 February 2017

Zoom out

It is 11:58am PST
Everywhere in the Solar System
Half past Mars, a quarter ‘till Saturn
In the Galaxy, it is far past midnight
Beyond the black hole, in the dense fog
Of three million star clusters
Orion at ten
Trillion Andromedas spinning
in the Universe
Keeping common time
In uncommon places
Change your perspective
And you’ll realize
It’s time to stop
Pleasing others and start
Rising to your own
Standards of time
Keeping; Spinning 
Digital crowns in 
Time machine games: 
Plus minutes, minus minutes
Fall forward, spring back
Calling this UberConference
Yet again, reminds me:
You are the first one here
The music is playing, and even
Time stops for wonder:
Am I on the line
Or is the line on