Dream: 1

Tuesday, 03 January 2017

You woke me up, Trin.
Came to me in a dream. It’s 2.30am!
That actress yesterday reminded me of you.
I walked through the door, and there you were — looking straight at me.
It brought it all back. My intense love-affair with you. 
How smitten I was. To the core.
There was nothing but you for me that summer. 
Nothing but how you made me feel.
I was totally lost in you.
But you left me. And it has been a long, long time. It’s been a lifetime.
You’re married now. That’s over.
Why do you torment me in my dreams?
Will I ever be rid of you?
You give me this love, but not love.
This desire, but not desire.
You’re mine, passionately, intensely mine, one minute. Then gone the next.
Like a goddess sent to torture mortals. To induce madness.
Trin: I loved you. You left me. Now leave me alone.