Dream: 2

Thursday, 12 January 2017

I remember being hunted
I remember evading troops
Driven by an angry sorceress
They had capes, armour and weapons
They were full of hatred and anger and desire for power
I was the only one left
I was on an asteroid
I climbed to the highest tree
They almost found me
But it was very high
And very dark
And thick
They didn’t have much time
And I was very well camouflaged
They captured my friends
I fell through the tree
On the inside there was a creature
The creature helped me return to their base planet
There was a headquarters
And below there was a barracks
Inside the barracks was a safe room
It had old wooden trap doors and escapes
It was ancient
And magical
It hid me even though all of their forces looked
As I unraveled a mystery buried inside.