The next frontier of events is almost here.

Today, we’re thrilled to formally pull the curtain back on what our team has been working on for the last seven months and tell you all about EXPOAid, the next frontier in event and itinerary management. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

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Feel free to join us on Nov. 10th for our product launch — go to for more information.

What is EXPOAid? It’s three revolutionary pieces of software that will help attendees, exhibitors, event producers, companies, employees, and contractors attend and manage events around the world.

EXPOAid is the first software that is specifically designed to make it easy to use whether it’s your first time hosting a 40-person film festival, or you’re an enterprise-level event producer worker for the largest pop culture event in the country. It’s easy to use whether you’re attending your first event, or you’re part of a dedicated trade show team touring around the world for your company. The possibilities are endless.

The software is designed to work the way you think, whether an attendee or employee, and as you use it more and more, it adapts to you and your personality. For example, if you use the app more often at night, we’ll automagically employ some tweaks to make the app more easy on your eyes. If you’re on the road, we’ll be able to suggest places to eat based on your interests (and accounting for dietary restrictions), and past bookings with EXPOAid. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to make this app perfect, and making your life easier whenever possible using technology is definitely a first for the event/itinerary management space.

The EXPOAid Platform is our itinerary management service. It’s our product for attendees, exhibitors, panelists/speakers, and media personnel.

What really separates the Platform from other itinerary management software is how well it understands you. The more you use it, the more it can adapt to how you operate. Don’t like a specific restaurant? It won’t suggest going there in the future. Do you like having an extra pillow? Contact the hotel through the EXPOAid Platform, and the next time you book, we’ll have a pop-up asking the very same question.

The Platform offers seamless event registration, hotel/dining searching + booking, and you also have the ability to search and register for attractions based on your interests, if you have time to kill in between an event.

More information, including screenshots and pricing, will be available at our product launch on November 10th.

The EXPOAid Event Planner is the next generation event management solution for event producers of all shapes and sizes. It’s easy to master, and even easier to get started with, whether you are hosting your first company Christmas party, or are an established event with the need for venue relations management, floorplan building, and a built in CRM tool. Whatever the case, EXPOAid Event Planner is jam-packed with capabilities, and if you have something in particular that you need, you can add it yourself using our enterprise self hosting options.

What’s unique with the Event Planner isn’t the astonishing amount of features, it’s the inter-connectivity with the rest of the EXPOAid product offerings. When registering for your event, people with an EXPOAid Platform account have the option to one-click-purchase, speeding up the process for everyone by inputting their information straight from their account. Another example is the check-in feature — when a user is checking in to your event, the app will recognize when they’re at the venue and will automatically direct them to the nearest check-in station.

More information about the event planner, including screenshots and pricing, will be available at our product launch on November 10th.

EXPOAid Company is an enterprise level career development + reimbursement manager for companies of all shapes and sizes. This allows companies who send employees on retreats, workshops, and staff training meetups to be able to manage their attendance at the event through EXPOAid Platform, but the information will be available for the company.

How many times have you failed to turn in your payment receipts, or forgot to forward the hotel booking email to your company’s accounting department? Now, you don’t need to worry about that — EXPOAid takes care of it for you.

When your company assigns you a Platform License to be used to book a trip to the next company retreat, they can now see all required information, including travel information (in case you are lost), payment information (for reimbursement), and general event information. Everything is automatically sent to your company, and you don’t need to worry about filling in any forms or forwarding any emails. Your reimbursement will be on its way.

More information about EXPOAid Company, including screenshots and pricing, will be available at our product launch on November 10th.

If you’re still here, I appreciate you reading this far, and I hope you’re excited for EXPOAid as much as our team is. From here, you have a few options!

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