That’s awesome!


Nonsense! You can sew simple underwear with an ordinary sewing machine that’s got a zigzag.

I bought this gorgeous jersey print in Hasle hobby on Bornholm in the Baltic sea. I was visiting a friend and for the weekend and on Saturday morning she had to go to work so she told me to take her car and check out this shop. I was astonished to find one of the best-stocked fabric shops I had ever seen with the most amazing fabrics, yes, out in the middle of nowhere. I only regret I didn’t buy the whole roll. This is the second pair of knickers I used this fabric for. It not only looks good, it’s deliciously comfortable too.

I have developed a pattern that’s unbelievably simple for shorts-like panties.

From top, left: Traditional panties in jungle print with orange jersey rib waistband, back and front, leopard-print jersey with turquoise rib waistband. Bottom left, renaissance knickers with side panels and ribbed turquoise waistband with lighter blue renaissance panels on the flanks.

You need a 40x15 cm rectangle for the front piece, 11x13 cm for the two crotch pieces. Use cotton jersey. Sew the crotch pieces to the front piece as per the instructions below. Then place the sewn piece on the fabric and draw a diagonal from the corner of the rectangle down to the crotch piece, cut around the outline and voila, you’ve got all your pieces.

I suggest you follow these brilliant instructions:

It includes a technique for closing both sides of the crotch piece that’s really good.

Basically you just sew the sides with zigzag stitch.

What is really time-consuming is finishing off the edges. Sewing on the elastic takes AGES. But if you’re in a hurry and you’re wearing jeans, you don’t even need elastic. In fact, if you use either an overlocker or zigzag stitch to finish off the edges, you won’t get a panty line.

Today I used an overlocker to finish off five pairs of knickers. It took about three minutes per garment. Perfect if you’re in a hurry and you have figured out how to thread that monster.

My favourite is frilled lacy elastic. It gives the best effect. Foldover elastic looks fabulous too but it’s very difficult to finish off nicely.

I have bags of beautiful foldover elastic. My favourite is in inky blue!

Three years ago I couldn’t thread a sewing machine. If I can learn it, anybody can.

Another renaissance knickers on the left, in a traditional pattern with frilled elacticated edging, my favourite. Centre: Cream polka dots on a dark turquoise background with a retro 1950’s panel in the centre. Right: spripes in turquoise.