Why online express licensing can be a pillar of your HEFCE knowledge exchange strategy

David Rogerson
Mar 1, 2017 · 2 min read
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As reported by PraxisUnico last month, HEFCE have asked English universities with Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) for 2016–17 to submit a five year institutional knowledge exchange (KE) strategy. It is intended that these strategies will form the basis of future HEIF allocations.

In particular, HEFCE are looking for more specific details on the outcomes and impacts that universities will make on the economy and society, noting that they hope that an increased focus on long-term impact can help to counter the concern that universities ‘focus unduly on income’.

An express licensing tool such as E-lucid can provide a practical, affordable way of addressing this concern. E-Lucid helps to make the dissemination of lower value assets more cost-effective — thus driving wider adoption and enabling participation in technology licensing from departments and academics who may typically fall below the ‘value’ radar for a TTO.

HEFCE also state that they want to understand how universities collaborate with each other ‘to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of public funding’. E-lucid was itself was developed at UCL Business, partly under HEIF funding and with a mission to stimulate collaboration and sharing of best practises around lower value, non-exclusive IP licensing. It is already being used at 5 of the UKs top 20 universities and this group of users meet regularly to exchange knowledge and experience to help build a more robust express licensing landscape.

Finally, E-lucid provides evidence of a University’s impact — whether a financial measure, or simply the dissemination reach and volume of non-commercial licensing. It provides a simple conduit for income to flow into the TTO and as a managed service, is quick and easy to set-up.

If you would like to talk to us how E-lucid could be a pillar of your five-year knowledge exchange strategy, get in touch.

Originally published 8th September 2016 on e-lucid.com

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