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Which Countries Would You Retire To?

Retirement planning may sometimes involve choosing a new country.

This website called International Living supplies valuable information if you plan to retire and not live in your own country. In some countries you can either expatriate or keep your citizenship and just live there! Foreigners are welcome.

I have no plans of ever leaving the United States of America. Ever! But if I did, I think I’ve narrowed down my choices to about 5 countries I would consider relocating to.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything! So I’m imagining as if there were no pandemic. I supplied link below from the aforementioned website. They publish a list every year and even though they are the “experts”, only 2 of the countries on My List made Their List for 2022. Costa Rica and Panama. So I’ll explain my logic for the countries I chose.

1. New Zealand
2. Costa Rica
3. Bahamas
4. Panama
5. South Korea

WHY New Zealand?
I have heard that the form of government in this country is very similar to America. That translates in my mind as not having to go through “culture shock” and make a lot of adjustments for changes in lifestyle. I have also heard that the lady who is the country’s current leader did an excellent job when it came to managing the coronavirus outbreak. The citizens praise her for her leadership. Any democratic country where the citizens are happy with their leaders makes me think it might a good place to move to if I have to leave America.

WHY Costa Rica?
My son visited Costa Rica and he was not pleased. He said the money he had didn’t go very far. I am going to disregard my son’s experience. I have heard that Costa Rica has very good healthcare and as a senior citizen, that’s an important factor in my decision-making process. Also, I like the tropical climate.

WHY Bahamas?
It’s my roots! My father and my husband were both from The Bahamas. I have visited more than once, lived with relatives and lived like a local. The adjustment to life there would be super easy! Besides. There must a reason Ophrah, Lenny Kravitz, J-Lo, and Shakira bought property there. LOL.

WHY Panama?
When people say Panama, I sort of think of Puerto Rico. At present, Puerto Rico is not doing all that well. First, there was poor management of funds by their government officials. Then they had a water shortage problem. Then they suffered hurricane damage. Now they are being severely impacted by the coronavirus. However, before all of these things happened, I visited Puerto Rico a number of times and very much enjoyed my stay. My research about Panama makes me think it’s comparable to Puerto Rico. I liked Puerto Rico. I would probably like Panama.

WHY South Korea?
Yes. I know. I’m African-American so I wouldn’t exactly blend in with the locals. Yes. I know. There is a language barrier. Yes. I know. It’s right door to North Korea, a neighbor who is not exactly “friendly”.

But there is a US military base in South Korea and when a country allows a military base of a another country to be there, that indicates usually good relations between those two countries.

Also, when I started watching Korean dramas, I noted that learning to speak the Korean language will probably not be too difficult.

Finally! I like Korean food!

What do you think of the 5 countries I picked as a place to retire?

Do you have a Top 5?

Reference: The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022



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