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Dear Administrators, going back to school is terrifying. Sincerely, a student

Our schools are not prepared for students going back to school

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In September, many of my classmates and I will be heading back to the American high school. I will be heading back to an overcrowded high school that will be taking classes inside while we don’t even go inside a restaurant to eat. I am mortified.

Our government somehow is pushing to open our schools to full capacity and risk the lives of students, teachers, and parents in a desperate attempt to stimulate the economy.

Our students are posting images about the conditions of school reopening and end up suspended.

Our teachers are writing out their will in their very possible death of themselves from COVID-19.

All while we are preparing to go to school, the school board hosts their meeting on zoom. If the members of the school board truly think that we can safely go back to have classes indoors, why don’t they try and host a meeting in person? They don’t because they know it’s not safe. Our school boards and our governments are willing to sacrifice our teachers, students, and parents for the economy.

We as a country need to face the truth, we are completely unable to reopen. Our cases have been going up, and we do not have enough PPE to safely reopen. Many schools that have opened have seen students and teachers test positive for COVID-19 and shut down again.

Let’s face it, kids are absolutely dirty, we pick up germs everywhere, from picking our nose, making high fives, and sharing phones in school. Despite all of our social distancing measures, we’re going to cut corners. We’re going to hug our friends, bump into each other, and accidentally touch our faces. Each time we do this, we increase the chance of transmission. Combine that with hundreds of interactions in school, and you might have a mass spread.

Face masks and plexiglass shield simply lower the risk of spreading the virus, but do not stop the virus. When we sit in the same classroom with inadequate ventilation, we make the chance of a virus spreading much more likely. We as a country are not ready to reopen. We are kidding ourselves if we think we’ll be able to successfully reopen. This may be as Larry Kudlow says “close to airtight,” but if a submarine is ‘close to airtight’ in the ocean, then all the water will still seep in. This is a reckless game America, and the odds are not in your favor.



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