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Hi, I’m Carl

The most influential moments in my life and how they led me to the creation of Extend AI

Dropping out of school

My father bought our first computer when I was 15, sorry mountain bike … I have a new love in my life. I was mind blown by its amazing possibilities. The world was all of a sudden a much smaller place. I knew it would be the vector through which I could be the most useful and have a lot of fun.

From Canada to San Francisco

Fast forwarding a couple of years, I got hooked by artificial intelligence! I really got more serious about it in 2010. I had this idea of building models to predict teams efficiency by finding compatibility patterns using psychometric profiles of their members. It cost me thousands of dollars of books again, but hopefully for my father, I didn’t needed his financial support anymore.

From San Francisco to Canada

While I was in San Francisco I was hearing more and more about the vibrant Canadian AI community. I decided it was time to go back home and checkout what was going on up north. And believe it or not, I was starting to miss the cold Canadian winters!

Launching Extend AI

I wanted to surround myself with strong and accomplished individuals who would fully embrace the vision and challenge me unceremoniously in the execution. I was privilege to find amazing investors who believe in the high potential of Extend AI.

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